Powder Coating

Our facility features a 350-foot conveyerized line with a 3-stage wash system, a 2-man powder station, and a 70-foot oven.  This system is ideal for large runs with many parts, because of the continuous movement which makes for quicker turnaround time.  This system is more efficient than the more commonly used batch system.  Our conveyer system has a much more effective prep stage than the batch system.  

We offer all types of masking, including covering studs, plugging threaded holes, and measured areas.  We offer powder coating in many colors, and can handle custom color requests.  Our typical color schedule is:

Mon-Wed – dark colors such as black, brown, dark grey, blue, red, and green

Thurs – Fri – light colors such as white, light grey, beige, yellow, silver, and chrome

  • Step 1: hanging the parts in the loading area
  • Step 2: products entering our 3-stage cleaning system
  • Step 3: products are passing through the dry-off oven
  • Step 4: Applying the powder coat on service carts using a 2-man powder station
  • Step 5: entering the curing oven
  • Step 6: products exiting the curing oven
  • small brackets for powder coating

Wet Coating

This is ideal for cosmetic applications, small runs, plastics, and small runs requiring custom colors.  The wet coating process starts with all parts being washed by hand, then a primer coat is applied, followed by the parts being sanded before painting.  We also fill stud heads and mask threads where needed.  Smooth finishes and textured finishes are offered.

  • masking parts prior to wet coat finish
  • parts already masked, ready for wet coat
  • parts inside of the wet-coat booth
  • customized frame to be wet coated
  • customized frame after coating

Screen Printing

We offer screen printing on metal and plastic products including lettering and company logos.